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GB Whatsapp Download Old Version and How to Get the Latest Version

GB Whatsapp is a modified version of the popular messaging app Whatsapp that offers additional features like hiding your online status, auto-reply messages, and more customization options. While users can always download the latest version of GB Whatsapp from official website, some users may prefer to use an older version for various reasons such as personal preference or technical stability.

Here are some old versions of GB Whatsapp along with their features:

GB Whatsapp 5.90 - released in 2017, it allowed users to send a message to unsaved numbers, use custom themes, and hide their online status.

GB Whatsapp 6.40 - introduced in 2018, it enabled users to send 100 documents at once, customize their app icon, and use two different Whatsapp accounts on the same device.

GB Whatsapp 6.85 - this version came out in 2019 and offered users the ability to send up to 1000 photos at once, use a DND mode, and hide their view status.

GB Whatsapp 7.90 - released in 2020, it allowed users to change the fonts, send up to 700 MB of video, and use fingerprint lock.

While using an old version of GB Whatsapp can seem appealing, doing so poses a security risk. Outdated versions may have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Furthermore, staying up-to-date with the latest version of any app ensures that you get all the latest features, performance optimizations, security patches, and bug fixes.

Therefore, to get the latest version of GB Whatsapp, users are advised to download it from the official website Simply click on the 'Download' button on the homepage and follow the instructions. 

In conclusion, while using the older version of GB Whatsapp can offer a different kind of experience, it's always best to prioritize security by using the latest version. Downloading the app from the official website ensures that users get the authentic version, free from malware or any other form of malicious activity.

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