Cheap Dab Rigs

Today, people are much more aware of their health. We want to preserve it even as we have fun with inhalable, recreational substances. Traditional methods of smoking dry herbs introduce smoke and tar into our lungs. This is unhealthy and can cause various respiratory diseases. Thankfully, modern technology allows us to create new methods of enjoying these herbs. Examples of these methods are vaping and dabbing. Dabbing refers to the activity of inhaling the vapor which is produced by heating up herb concentrate. This is done using a specialized device known as a dab rig. Read on to learn more about them.

Dabbing Rigs

Types of dab rigs available today

There are many types of dab rigs that are available today. They are described using a collection of words such as domes and nails. As an enthusiast, you can easily get confused by the sheer variety that is available in the market today. One way to make sense of it all is to understand that there are basically three categories of dab rigs. These include cheap dab rigs, mid-level and high-end dab rigs. These are made of various materials too.

The materials which are used to contruct dab rigs


Dab rigs can be made of glass. Specifically known as borosilicate glass, this is a material which is strong and can work quite well in pipes and bongs. Due to its high availability, this material is often used to make cheap dab rigs. It can hold on to the oil or wax concentrate long enough for you to inhale the smoke comfortably. Another material that is used for this purpose is ceramic. This material is very similar to glass. However, it can hold on to the heat which you apply a little better than glass. This gives you a more lasting, comfortable experience.


Quartz is a material that is also used to construct dab rigs. It is more durable than glass and ceramic. In addition to that, it is capable of handling very high temperatures. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about overheating it. Quartz may not hold hold on to the heat as much as glass and ceramic but it is an ideal material. Majority of the mid-level dab rigs are constructed out of quartz.


Titanium is another material that is used to construct dab rigs. It is the most durable one. In addition to that, titanium retains heat exceptionally well. As such, it is used to construct high-end dab rigs.

Electronic nails

E-nails are a result of technological advancement in the field of dab rigs. They are a highly convenient way to enjoy your dab oil or wax. Figuratively, e-nails are electric nails that have a port where a coil is inserted. In addition to that, they contain a PID that normally gauges the temperature of your coil. E-nails cost more than the average dab rig. However, they make it so that you don’t have to use a torch to heat up your oil or wax on the dab rig. In addition to that, e-nails are better than a traditional dab rig because you can control the temperature at which the oil or wax is heated up for you. Thus, you can pick an ideal vaporization temperature and enjoy.


With the huge variety available today, there is definitely a dab rig for everyone. Some of them are cheap dab rigs while others are high-end rigs. They are also made of various materials so you can choose the most ideal one for you. These are indicated above. Enjoy your dab in the right way by investing in the right dab rig.