Best Rabbit Cage Selection Tips

The health of a rabbit depends much on its living conditions. This cute animal is a wonderful pet for most people, gender or age notwithstanding. Proper housing is vital as it will not only provide shelter for the rabbit during adverse weather conditions but also keep it safe from predators. Rabbit cage is a great option. However, not just any rabbit cage sold in the market can provide your favorite pet with the shelter and protection it needs. This post aims to provide you with practical rabbit cage selection tips so you get the right housing for your pet.

Rabbit Cage

Things to Consider In Selecting a Good Rabbit Cage

Rabbits are quite active and therefore they need enough space to move. When choosing the right cage for them, size is of utmost importance. You need to choose a cage that provides enough room depending on the breed of rabbit you are keeping. Smaller rabbits weighing less than 8 lbs should have at least 24″ by 36″ while larger breeds require space of at least 30″ by 36″. A good practice is to buy a cage that is five times the size of your bunny.

Cage design
Rabbits usually suffer from a condition named pododermatitis. The pets develop pressure sores on the back of their hind legs when they sit on wet rabbit bedding or hard floors. To avoid this, you should choose a rabbit cage with solid floor. The bottom of the cage should also have urine guard to prevent the rabbit bedding from getting wet. The top and sides of the cage should be made of wire to provide the pet with plenty of airflow. These features also make it much easier to clean the cage.

The cage is where your rabbit will spend most of its time. Therefore, it is important to ensure high levels of comfort for your beautiful companion. The housing should contain everything to make the life of the pet comfortable. Solid floored cages should have grass or sisal mats as they provide good traction. Fleece blankets can also improved comfort. The cage should have litter box as rabbits can be trained to use them. These pets are very clean and a cage with litter box can help them maintain their cleanliness.

A rabbit cannot spend its entire time in the cage. At times, you must allow it to get out and enjoy total freedom. The right cage should provide easy access for the rabbit to get in and out of it at will. This means the cage door should be large enough and not too inclined. However, it should be strong enough to keep off predators such as squirrels.

Rabbit cages are available in the market at different prices. Pricing always has something to do with quality of a product. Go for a cage that suits your budget. However, you might have to pay a little bit more to get high quality cage. You must carryout adequate research, compare the available cages and settle on the right one to purchase.


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