3 Electronic Soil Testers with First-Rate Performance

The primary function of an electronic soil tester ( http://www.forestsoils.org/soil-testing-kits/ ) is to measure the amount of moisture, light and pH acidity in your soil. You need the measurements to help you decide when to water your plants, adjust the soil pH and regulate the amount of light that reaches your plants. The best soil testers are optimized for simplicity, accuracy, versatility, and convenience. If you are unsure of the ideal electronic soil tester to buy, you may consider the following three among your options:

Best 3 Electronic Soil Testers

1. Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Soil Test Kit

The Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest is a highly effective soil test kit that was designed to measure up to 40 tests. This kit is highly preferred because of its user-friendly appeal, particularly in testing the pH of the soil and the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is exceptionally accurate, fast and simple. Moreover, the device comes with the patented color comparator system for making color comparisons. This low-cost kit is highly recommended for general gardening.

Important Features

* Patented color comparator system.
* A printed color chart.
* Recommendations for more than 400 plants.
* Easy-to-use capsule system.
* Lightweight design

2. MoonCity 3-in-1 Moisture Meter

This meter was designed to measure the moisture levels in the soil, pH and light. Many reviewers consider it as very scientifically accurate when compared to similar devices within its price range. You simply plug it into the soil to get the readings. One outstanding characteristic about this device is that it works without the support of batteries or electricity. Its compact and portable design makes it uniquely user-friendly and convenient for long-term usage. We recommend it for indoor and outdoor garden work.

Important Features

* Requires no batteries or power.
* Compact construction for portability.
* Super-sensitive meter for accuracy.
* Scientifically accurate.
* Versatile for indoor and outdoor usage.

3. MacDoDo 3-in-1 Soil Moisture Meter

This device is one of the most recommended electronic soil testers for checking the soil moisture, pH and light. Its three-way meter gives you accurate readings that help you to take appropriate measures to promote the health and strength of your plants. This meter does not require a battery for it to function. You are assured of scientifically accurate readings once you push it into the soil. It is highly recommended for tending flowers, plants and gardens both indoors and outdoors.

Important Features

* Three-way meter for elaborate and accurate readings.
* Functions without batteries.
* Simple and light design for easy usage.
* Robustly designed for durability.
* Compact body for durability and easy storage.

Selection Tips for Electronic Soil Monitors

1. You should buy a soil tester with a water-resistant body for enhanced durability.
2. Select a device with a simple and clear meter for easy interpretation.
3. Consider buying a tester that functions without a battery to save energy costs.
4. Buy a soil tester that works well both indoors and outdoors.
5. Look for a device that has a compact design for convenient handling.

Things to Consider when Buying an Electronic Soil Tester:


Your electronic soil tester should never compromise on the aspect of accuracy. Inaccurate readings will lead to wrong actions that will affect the health and strength of your plants.


Always conduct an online check on what other customers think about the durability of your soil tester. You do not want to buy a device that will break down within a few days or weeks of usage.


Always make comparisons across various devices, or the same device from various dealers before you decide on the one that fits your budget. However, the cardinal rule is to strike a balance between quality and price.