Best Rabbit Cage Selection Tips

The health of a rabbit depends much on its living conditions. This cute animal is a wonderful pet for most people, gender or age notwithstanding. Proper housing is vital as it will not only provide shelter for the rabbit during adverse weather conditions but also keep it safe from predators. Rabbit cage is a great option. However, not just any rabbit cage sold in the market can provide your favorite pet with the shelter and protection it needs. This post aims to provide you with practical rabbit cage selection tips so you get the right housing for your pet.

Rabbit Cage

Things to Consider In Selecting a Good Rabbit Cage

Rabbits are quite active and therefore they need enough space to move. When choosing the right cage for them, size is of utmost importance. You need to choose a cage that provides enough room depending on the breed of rabbit you are keeping. Smaller rabbits weighing less than 8 lbs should have at least 24″ by 36″ while larger breeds require space of at least 30″ by 36″. A good practice is to buy a cage that is five times the size of your bunny.

Cage design
Rabbits usually suffer from a condition named pododermatitis. The pets develop pressure sores on the back of their hind legs when they sit on wet rabbit bedding or hard floors. To avoid this, you should choose a rabbit cage with solid floor. The bottom of the cage should also have urine guard to prevent the rabbit bedding from getting wet. The top and sides of the cage should be made of wire to provide the pet with plenty of airflow. These features also make it much easier to clean the cage.

The cage is where your rabbit will spend most of its time. Therefore, it is important to ensure high levels of comfort for your beautiful companion. The housing should contain everything to make the life of the pet comfortable. Solid floored cages should have grass or sisal mats as they provide good traction. Fleece blankets can also improved comfort. The cage should have litter box as rabbits can be trained to use them. These pets are very clean and a cage with litter box can help them maintain their cleanliness.

A rabbit cannot spend its entire time in the cage. At times, you must allow it to get out and enjoy total freedom. The right cage should provide easy access for the rabbit to get in and out of it at will. This means the cage door should be large enough and not too inclined. However, it should be strong enough to keep off predators such as squirrels.

Rabbit cages are available in the market at different prices. Pricing always has something to do with quality of a product. Go for a cage that suits your budget. However, you might have to pay a little bit more to get high quality cage. You must carryout adequate research, compare the available cages and settle on the right one to purchase.


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How to Make your Own Hummingbird Feeder

If you’re wondering how you can make a hummingbird feeder without spending a lot of cash, you came to the right place. If it’s your first time to do a DIY project, there’s no need to worry since this is a very easy and quick tutorial. In fact, it would only require a few materials which may already be readily available in your home. An empty water bottle can be easily transformed into an attractive and useful hummingbird feeder. This will be a great gift for avid gardeners and bird enthusiasts alike. It’s super easy to make and hummingbirds will surely stop by your garden in no time. Let’s take a look at how to make your own hummingbird feeder with these simple steps.



The materials you will need are 1 empty plastic bottle with the screw top on, 1 bigger plastic cap like an aerosol can or cooking spray, glue gun, sandpaper which has eighty grit or more, small eye hook, scissors, a spray paint of your choice, red craft felt, craft knife, drill or screwdriver and a string.


The first step is to cut the center of the screw cap which can either be done using a drill, screwdriver or a craft knife. It doesn’t have to be perfect because the cap would be facing inside. Next, use a craft knife to cut the bigger plastic cap to about 1.5 to 2 inches tall. Then, proceed with warming up your glue gun. Once it’s hot, hold the smaller cap and have it suspended into the bigger cap. Ensure that the lip of the smaller cap is sitting above the bigger one. Then, use the glue gun to build a bridge to attach the small cap. It has to be kept suspended in the middle. Make sure to use plenty of hot glue to achieve a good seal. Leave a small gap in between because that’s where the hummingbirds will drink from. The next step is to remove the water bottle’s label. Then, gently sand all over the bottle to ensure that there will be no rough edges.

Afterwards, you can begin spray painting the bottle any color you like. The paint should be completely dry before hanging it. While waiting, you can work on decorating your hummingbird feeder. Using the red craft felt, cut out different flower patterns or any design you like. Once the water bottle is completely dry, you can gently screw it in on the bottom part which is where you will be putting the string. Insert your eye hook into the hole then thread a wire some string through it. Next, use hot glue to attach the craft felt patterns you’ve created. It should be glued onto the cap assemblage which is located over the area which attaches the smaller cap and the bigger cap to each other. Leave an adequate amount of space between the flowers. The last and final step is to hang your feeder in a shady area of your garden so that the syrup wouldn’t evaporate quickly.


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Cheap Dab Rigs

Today, people are much more aware of their health. We want to preserve it even as we have fun with inhalable, recreational substances. Traditional methods of smoking dry herbs introduce smoke and tar into our lungs. This is unhealthy and can cause various respiratory diseases. Thankfully, modern technology allows us to create new methods of enjoying these herbs. Examples of these methods are vaping and dabbing. Dabbing refers to the activity of inhaling the vapor which is produced by heating up herb concentrate. This is done using a specialized device known as a dab rig. Read on to learn more about them.

Dabbing Rigs

Types of dab rigs available today

There are many types of dab rigs that are available today. They are described using a collection of words such as domes and nails. As an enthusiast, you can easily get confused by the sheer variety that is available in the market today. One way to make sense of it all is to understand that there are basically three categories of dab rigs. These include cheap dab rigs, mid-level and high-end dab rigs. These are made of various materials too.

The materials which are used to contruct dab rigs


Dab rigs can be made of glass. Specifically known as borosilicate glass, this is a material which is strong and can work quite well in pipes and bongs. Due to its high availability, this material is often used to make cheap dab rigs. It can hold on to the oil or wax concentrate long enough for you to inhale the smoke comfortably. Another material that is used for this purpose is ceramic. This material is very similar to glass. However, it can hold on to the heat which you apply a little better than glass. This gives you a more lasting, comfortable experience.


Quartz is a material that is also used to construct dab rigs. It is more durable than glass and ceramic. In addition to that, it is capable of handling very high temperatures. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about overheating it. Quartz may not hold hold on to the heat as much as glass and ceramic but it is an ideal material. Majority of the mid-level dab rigs are constructed out of quartz.


Titanium is another material that is used to construct dab rigs. It is the most durable one. In addition to that, titanium retains heat exceptionally well. As such, it is used to construct high-end dab rigs.

Electronic nails

E-nails are a result of technological advancement in the field of dab rigs. They are a highly convenient way to enjoy your dab oil or wax. Figuratively, e-nails are electric nails that have a port where a coil is inserted. In addition to that, they contain a PID that normally gauges the temperature of your coil. E-nails cost more than the average dab rig. However, they make it so that you don’t have to use a torch to heat up your oil or wax on the dab rig. In addition to that, e-nails are better than a traditional dab rig because you can control the temperature at which the oil or wax is heated up for you. Thus, you can pick an ideal vaporization temperature and enjoy.


With the huge variety available today, there is definitely a dab rig for everyone. Some of them are cheap dab rigs while others are high-end rigs. They are also made of various materials so you can choose the most ideal one for you. These are indicated above. Enjoy your dab in the right way by investing in the right dab rig.

3 Electronic Soil Testers with First-Rate Performance

The primary function of an electronic soil tester ( ) is to measure the amount of moisture, light and pH acidity in your soil. You need the measurements to help you decide when to water your plants, adjust the soil pH and regulate the amount of light that reaches your plants. The best soil testers are optimized for simplicity, accuracy, versatility, and convenience. If you are unsure of the ideal electronic soil tester to buy, you may consider the following three among your options:

Best 3 Electronic Soil Testers

1. Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Soil Test Kit

The Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest is a highly effective soil test kit that was designed to measure up to 40 tests. This kit is highly preferred because of its user-friendly appeal, particularly in testing the pH of the soil and the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is exceptionally accurate, fast and simple. Moreover, the device comes with the patented color comparator system for making color comparisons. This low-cost kit is highly recommended for general gardening.

Important Features

* Patented color comparator system.
* A printed color chart.
* Recommendations for more than 400 plants.
* Easy-to-use capsule system.
* Lightweight design

2. MoonCity 3-in-1 Moisture Meter

This meter was designed to measure the moisture levels in the soil, pH and light. Many reviewers consider it as very scientifically accurate when compared to similar devices within its price range. You simply plug it into the soil to get the readings. One outstanding characteristic about this device is that it works without the support of batteries or electricity. Its compact and portable design makes it uniquely user-friendly and convenient for long-term usage. We recommend it for indoor and outdoor garden work.

Important Features

* Requires no batteries or power.
* Compact construction for portability.
* Super-sensitive meter for accuracy.
* Scientifically accurate.
* Versatile for indoor and outdoor usage.

3. MacDoDo 3-in-1 Soil Moisture Meter

This device is one of the most recommended electronic soil testers for checking the soil moisture, pH and light. Its three-way meter gives you accurate readings that help you to take appropriate measures to promote the health and strength of your plants. This meter does not require a battery for it to function. You are assured of scientifically accurate readings once you push it into the soil. It is highly recommended for tending flowers, plants and gardens both indoors and outdoors.

Important Features

* Three-way meter for elaborate and accurate readings.
* Functions without batteries.
* Simple and light design for easy usage.
* Robustly designed for durability.
* Compact body for durability and easy storage.

Selection Tips for Electronic Soil Monitors

1. You should buy a soil tester with a water-resistant body for enhanced durability.
2. Select a device with a simple and clear meter for easy interpretation.
3. Consider buying a tester that functions without a battery to save energy costs.
4. Buy a soil tester that works well both indoors and outdoors.
5. Look for a device that has a compact design for convenient handling.

Things to Consider when Buying an Electronic Soil Tester:


Your electronic soil tester should never compromise on the aspect of accuracy. Inaccurate readings will lead to wrong actions that will affect the health and strength of your plants.


Always conduct an online check on what other customers think about the durability of your soil tester. You do not want to buy a device that will break down within a few days or weeks of usage.


Always make comparisons across various devices, or the same device from various dealers before you decide on the one that fits your budget. However, the cardinal rule is to strike a balance between quality and price.